Contracts & Pricing

Excellent online source for creative pros including sample forms:

Must have clauses for freelance contracts: Today’s post on designing contracts is particularly relevant. If you’ve never seen this site it’s a goldmine.

Reminder of printers guild book it has good examples

Mark Monlux’s pricing tutorial (dated but useful):

Chris Haddad’s article on why he doesn’t work hourly:

Freelancer’s Union Contract Creator (I didn’t mention this, but I should have):

Here is a very succinct article with five reasons not to drop your price.  I like the phrase “hagglers are a hassle”, I think we touched on this during the meeting.  It’s posted on

Hello Sign for online contracts. Doc u sign:  and this is the one my Mother’s realtor used:

Just came across a couple of good additions (Sheila):

Chris Lema on The Art of Giving an Estimate

And How Much Should a Custom WP Site Cost?


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