Helvetica, the documentary. It’s on Netflix. is great for icon fonts. Has a free version of their webapp and chrome app. Mark is using it right now for a big multisite project that needs multiple colors of social media icons.

lettering.js is an amazing little script to allow really granular control of typography. and are both great for seeing live javascript + HTML + CSS

Sara brought up the article “Style Tiles and How They Work” on A List Apart, which led to the creation of with a photoshop template and resources.

10 Free Wireframing Tools

ZDNet on Flat vs. Skeuomorphic design in ios7. Laura was curious on other people’s thoughts.

The Impostor Phenomenon/Syndrome. Article and followup

Laura mentioned this book about archetypes. You can find it cheaper than Amazon here.

Barb also mentioned the book The Hero and the Outlaw about archetypes.

We all had a good rant about plugins auto-enabling new features. Sharaholics new Related Posts feature is auto-enabled and sucks memory like it’s its job. And, speak of the devil, there’s a new Jetpack release out! Check out Manual Control for Jetpack to try to keep that at bay.

It sounds like a lot of people liked the Client-Proofing a Website presentation at WordCamp.  Slides are online. Here’s a good list of WordCamp Seattle presentations with online slides. If other presentations are worth looking at, I’d love the recommendations.


I got a link to a list of 30 interesting WP sites which is usually good for some inspiration:

This one caught my eye:


I’m just now hearing about this concept of parallax so have been checking it out. Here’s one link:

One of my favorite uses of this effect is here:


Here are two suggestions – the one you pay for has a few more options for how you can display the navigation features ($15) (free)

Design Management Systems

Pagelines DMS: Sheila is using this “design management system”, uses chrome
drag and drop


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