Useful Background Information


  • This is from Jakob Nielsen. Read what he writes. Do what he says.

And of course read, “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug if you haven’t. You really can read the whole thing on an airplane. I did.

Related Fields/Concepts/Ideas

Specific Issues / Research

“The fold” with eye-tracking to back it up:

About the “Title” Attribute:

Interesting accessible “Read More” link text accessibility approach (replaces title attribute):

On target=”_blank” links (new window/tab)

The only times you can use it to spec:

In those cases, label the link:

Alt attribute Decision Tree “Let it Snow” causing seizures (aka, “don’t autoplay”)

My thoughts on the dangers of the word “intuitive”

Three only user-testing tools

This is a link to an excellent PDF on Visual Story Telling that I mentioned:

We talked about the concept of “affordance” a lot: It’s an interesting way to think about usability.

I wanted to also provide this link: which is the source of the attached Visual Storytelling Guide. They have a lot more great resources in their toolbox.


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