Adding this fresh and helpful review of hosting for WordPress:

And here’s a place that has user reviews as well as Awards in categories of hosting:
Not sure how authentic the Awards are. They may be more motivated by getting affiliate clicks. But the user reviews seem authentic and are sortable by positive, negative & useful. I noticed that neither Eleve2 or A Small Orange isn’t there at all and that InMotion is the top pick for VPS. So go figure!

  • A Small Orange Taylor’s affiliate link (hosting service can do GIT gave free Adwords for sign up bonus)
  • InMotion Sheila’s affiliate link
  • Eleven2 Sheila’s affiliate link
  • SiteGround (Sheila’s current preferred provider)
I (Sheila) have been actively researching VPS options and narrowed it down to either A Small Orange or InMotion. I was very excited about ASO claims of cloud VPS. But InMotion has sent me a lot of questions about what ASO is doing. They also alerted me to the fact that ASO is actually a reseller which I didn’t realize. Check out all the familiar names at the link they sent me:
And of course here is the biggest issue they did not mention:  They are a reseller of hosting!  They are part of a group called endurance international.
Just found this pretty good post about selecting a WP host by Chris Lema.

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