Site Architecture

Site Architecture
(Aug 27 meeting minutes)

Ensure that all involved stake holders are on board with a process Setup
communication system and decision making process Assign responsibility s
Create style guides Locate and identity test facility

Helping organizations to look at the site as a customer not an internal

Think about terminology that you use with clients and make it “logical”to
them …not using WordPress or developer terms.

Customers often are thinking in a box and won’t /aren’t interested in
“possibilities” of what their website might be/contain

Talked about one page vs responsive and if it is a consideration to build
two sites that respond differently for devices or just device sniff?

Flow diagrams…  Different steps to each process and help them visualize

Incorporate business goals into the design of the site…think about the

Sell a package deal to clients, identity, marketing, content, and design …
Stay focused in your specialty find others to sub-contract work out to

Trade services for analysis of content.. Offer to client

Card sorts…write all possible labels for information scatter them and ask
clients/customers to put them in order

Mark’s book: O’Reily “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web”


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