October Notes: Google AdWords+

Welcome Merrill!

Taylor discussed his initial AdWords campaign. Broad keywords with precise geographical targeting.

  • 9 clicks
  • 0 conversions
  • ~$70

Tried A/B testing initial ad with little improvement.

Has found customers through ThumbTack.

Meetings with customers have suggested that initial guesses at keywords were too technical. The customers don’t know what they need and tend to search for buzzwords (HTML5, web app, etc.)

Taylor plans to make a web app to help people diagnose what services/specialists they need.

Many of us are struggling to get content from clients—as always…, it seems. Karen reminded us of the WordCamp attendee who charges a retainer if content is provided by a certain date. Mark meets in-person if possible to nudge things forward.

Taylor is using Jekyll (a ruby gem) to power the blog on his otherwise flat-HTML (*gasp*) site.

Mark’s put out multiple updates of his WP Inline Access plugin and presented about it at the WP Meetup and Infocamp.

Taylor’s working on a “Cohort” theme for multisite academic collaboration.

Lots of discussion about working with designers, particularly those who have a print background. It can be a struggle to handle things like usability and responsive design.

If the developer is working hand-in-hand with the designer on the design, shouldn’t they get a bigger cut of the project?

It can sometimes take a while to get a good established workflow with a designer as a developer. Important to clarify division of responsibilities.

Many bad stories about building sites with dentists, doctors, vets, etc. Someone mentioned the “God complex” and that these people have higher airplane insurance.

Next Time (November 26): Lean Coffee.

  • Lead by Mark.
  • Mark and Sheila will bring post its and sharpies.
  • Learn about Lean Coffee. (see below)
  • Bring topic ideas! A few to get your mind started:
    • Working with designers, redux
    • AutoHotKeys (Mark can say more)
    • Social Media Strategy

Next time, next time (aka December), is cancelled. We’ll reconvene in January.


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