January 2014 Meetup Notes: Resolutions & Getting Unstuck

Sorry if these are a bit rushed. Please add anything you think I missed!

New Year Resolutions

Everyone shared some professional or personal-professional goals for the new year. By far, the most common was setting better expectations with clients / setting limits on projects / getting paid what you’re worth.

Other resolutions included:

  • Freelance-job balance.
  • Getting more work that can go into a portfolio
  • Working more with teams
  • Hiring a virtual assistance

Two of us do some kind of “retreat” once a year as part of reviewing the past year and thinking about the new one.

Tangent: Getting Clients to Finish Projects

Suggestion that it’s good to just ask client’s what they’re stuck on.

One person actually went and sat with clients while they wrote their content.

Another mention of retainer or final-payment clause X days/weeks/months after the development/design is done.

One person charges the client a minimum price and then scopes work. If they want to go somewhere else once they see the scope and estimate, at least they have a scope already.

If you ask for a business coach from SCORE / SBA, you may be able to get one for free!

Getting Unstuck

Avoidance and “being stuck” are related but different.

Having multiple tasks makes it easier to at least do something.

At times, it makes sense to stop working when you have momentum so you can pick up the next time with that momentum already built.

Lots of people make lists.

Reward yourself when you get things done. Don’t be afraid to take a break.

Be patient with yourself.

Don’t be guilty of not allowing yourself pleasure.

Find a task each day to be excited about.



There’s an SEO meetup downtown once (or twice?) a month.

Word of the month: “PFM.”

Potential Future Topics

Work-life Balance

Making good Project Estimates


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