September 2014 Meeting Notes

Don’t miss the comments below for more links and ideas!

These are particularly unfocused and incomplete so please add other thoughts in the comments!

We started with a go-around to catch up on everyone’s summers.

  • Multiple clients were fired.
  • Lots of people were staying busy or maybe even too busy.
  • Work/life balance came up many times.
  • Multiple people searching for the best fit clients and projects.
  • The group may be a good place for getting feedback on things (designs, development questions, specific client issues) in-between meetings, so use it!

Lots of issues came up which tied into potential future topics:

  • Knowing when to move on
  • Blogging (for personal growth, for biz growth/SEO, compared to newsletters)
  • Open House for New Members (likely tied to SEO)
  • “Practical” SEO advice to give to clients
  • Content development

One person asked that we make sure to focus not as much on WordPress and tools but on business, design, UI, QA, UX, etc.

Another person suggested doing more hands-on “workshop”-like exercises.

The article “10 SKILLS ALL WORDPRESS DEVELOPERS SHOULD HAVE” came up. Despite the name, it’s not very specific.

Finally, we ended with a quick presentation on the Feature a Page Widget. It’s history, present, and future. If you have 10 or 15 minutes to beta test the new 2.0 version, please do! You can download the plugin zip on the repository. Send feedback to Mark. Also, CarrotPress.


9 thoughts on “September 2014 Meeting Notes

  1. Thanks for posting the notes Mark and for that link Barb.

    Two things I wanted to add:
    1) Mark calendars that December meeting was moved to Dec 16 so as not to conflict with holidays.
    2) I suggested we could spotlight a different member at the end of each meeting. So if anyone is interested, just say the word.

    • I’m assuming this info came from diaries or letters? Some of these people didn’t exercise at all! With Kafka having the most unconventional sleeping habits . . . it would be interesting to map our own habits. I’d have a hard time trying to determine when creativity starts and day job ends.

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