November 2014

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hesitate to call these “minutes” as I barely wrote down any notes. But I will post what I have and again hope others will expand on what we discussed.

Since the topic was blogs we talked some about headlines and about discussions/comment. One note I made was to stay away from the Disqus plug-in. Mark said he just uses JetPack. Someone mentioned Copy Blogger. I didn’t remember what it was but from following the link it appears to offer “WordPress Hosting plus Content Marketing and SEO Tools”.

Teri suggested a site about pricing called the Nu School. They have a pricing calculator that is pretty interesting. I subscribed to their enews and have been poking around. Not only is the content interesting but I’m finding their model for enews in relation to blog useful as well. Their enews includes  highlights of a blog post. So then if it’s of interest you click to visit their blog. Also the enews includes a link to other topics of interest so you can go to their archives. I’ve been learning a LOT about pricing and contracts, etc. Thanks Teri!

OK…what else????

Don’t forget we’re meeting early in December, on the 16th. Hope to see you here then.



2 thoughts on “November 2014

  1. I just scanned the copyblogger course on “writing magnetic headlines” and they recommend writing headlines first, not last (as I recommended). It looks like they’ve tested headlines extensively, so this looks like a good source (from Jeanie Walker).

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