December 2014

It was great to see everyone. I didn’t take any notes (as usual) but I came home to this timely blog post at Elegant Themes about goal setting. I don’t use Elegant Themes but I’ve found their blog to often offer useful topics.

There was mention of a security vulnerability with Revolution Slider and some discussion about how it’s bundled with themes and may not be updated. I checked with Pagelines and their answer includes a link to more info on this issue:

The vulnerability has no association to our RevSlider section, it is only related to the plugin itself. As far as I am aware the issue was that the image uploader in the plugin allowed hackers to view your wp-config.php file. You can find more information about this here – http://blog.sucuri.n…-exploited.html For peace of mind, we do not use that code in the RevSlider plugin and therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Someone asked about scheduling plug-ins. I have a client who uses Schedulicity which is not a plug-in but easy to use.

The book Letting Go of the Words came up as a good resource for writing for the web.

Reference to the 5 Jetpack Best Practices post came up. One practice is to have site owners authenticate their own sites. HOWEVER, if you want to use the Jetpack 3.3 plugin updater, you would have to authenticate the sites with [at least] your own account.

Please add your resources to this post directly or in the comments below.

Happy Holidays.


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