Jan 2015 Meeting Notes

Track1099.com – $3.99 1099s. Auto filed with IRS and sent via email to recipient. They save your info for the next year to make repeats even easier.

Jakob Nielsen (usability expert)

The Core Model from A List Apart

Biznik is shut down. Visit http://biznik.co/ for their story.

Slack mentioned. Chat tool. WordPress just switched to it for all open-source-project-related chats.

501 Commons “Talks Tech” Presentation: February 19: “How to Pick a WordPress Plugin / WordPress Work & Support Lab.” Tell your nonprofit clients!

Notes from the NuSchool Pricing class:

Making money isn’t something we should suffer for.

There is no standard rate in this business. Do not copy rates. Set what is appropriate for you and your business.

Don’t charge less money because you’re afraid to set high expectations.

You are not a commodity. Not all designers (or devs) do the same work.

If your client can’t pay your rate you shouldn’t be working with them. There will always be more clients.

Please share when you are attending an upcoming conference or event that may be of interest to the group.

We have updated our future topic list. (Barb may want to check that I got all of the Design notes from Hugh Dubberly right.)

Upcoming topics:

Feb: Lead Generation/Inbound Marketing (Amy)

Mar: Content Marketing (Jeanie)

Apr: Design Trends (Barb)

May: Accessibility (Mark) – please note this meeting is the third Tuesday, May 19th!

Jun: Usability (Sara)

(Please add anything I may have missed!)

There’s a new business resources page. Add links please!


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