Feb 2015 Meeting Minutes

Topic: Inbound marketing/Lead generation

In-bound marketing graphic organizer

Some questions to ask (ourselves or our clients)

  • Why did you go into this business?
    What are your goals?
    What is your product/service/thing?
    Who is your ideal client?
    What do they feel when they buy/get/use your thing?

Don’t forget the power of in-person networking too!

Giving is the new selling.

Whatever you do to attract your audience (blog posts etc.), do it consistently.

Automating marketing tasks

Types of “Lead Magnets”

  • Checklists
  • White Paper
  • Worksheet
  • Guide
  • Download (icon set, template)

Migrating Images

This was for a Blogger site so it may or may not work for other migrations. I used WP.com as an intermediary. As long as you have the WP.com site public (so the images can be grabbed), you can install and run the plugin called Cache Images by Matt Mullenweg.  Run the option for Scan (including linked).  It will grab all of the images from WP.com and move over, attaching to the appropriate posts.

Links for Migrating Typepad to WordPress – including images:

Links of possible interest

Next month

Jeanie will lead discussion about content marketing


4 thoughts on “Feb 2015 Meeting Minutes

  1. Anyone know where to find 17hands? I have tried 17hands.com and just about every variation I can think of, plus searching 17 hands doesn’t come up with it. Also, I’m not seeing FB ads for it anymore. Did it disappear?

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