Hosting Recommendation

I have recently been using SiteGround as my preferred hosting provider. I gave them a try after they contacted me and offered an affiliate plan. I heard from colleagues that they are a good WordPress host and reasonably priced – IvyCat hosts their clients on SiteGround.  While based in Europe (Bulgaria) , they have excellent support and everyone speaks English.  So, far I only have a few clients on SiteGround so I don’t have a huge sample to base by impressions on. However, I really like that they have a PCI compliant server (see the “GoGeek” plan in the link above). I have one client that sells coffee subscriptions which requires that they take and maintain credit cards on site. The subscription service means PCI compliance is essential and it was really easy with SiteGround.

Update: They just raised their rates a little but I’ve really liked them too. They have one-click Let’s Encrypt which I think is why they raised their rates. Not sure if the link above is an affiliate link or not. This is my affiliate link (Sheila).


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