Meeting Recap: July 2015


  • Take vacations! (And getting people to cover for you)
  • Merging businesses!
  • Expanding your business
  • Marketing your business


If you want to help organize, get involved soon! Email Morgan.

Upcoming Events

Vancouver WordCamp: August 15
GiveCamp: October 2?/3-4
InfoCamp: October 17-18
WordCamp (Seattle & Portland) October: 24-25

Weekly biz + WordPress meetup on the East side: Tech it Easy with WordPress


Should we add more members? What’s most important in new members? Some connection to WordPress. CONSISTENCY (at least the intention!). Having your own [established] businesses.

Future topics ideas (plenty of overlap with Future Topics):

  • Designer-developer collaboration
  • Core model (content development method, described on A List Apart)
  • Client relationships (various communication style assessments)
  • Usability (Sara leads or someone else)
  • Accessibility (Mark can lead discussions but would want to know what people want to know, Mark might treat good wordcamp talk)
  • Introduce some accountability group-style activities during checkins.
    • We will start doing this experimentally with check-ins next meeting.
    • First up: Mark will move his site hosting by the September meeting! You are allowed to bother him about that then.
  • Special WordPress tech topics with subset of group
  • “Lean coffee” (when we don’t have another topic)
  • One thing going well, three things not, one nonwork related thing
  • More demos/showcases/etc. with projector
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools / Search Console

Future Meetings

There will be no full August meeting. Mark will email the tech people to see if they’re interested in meeting to discuss preprocessors/tech workflows.

Mark is tentatively presenting on accessibility in September (which will hopefully be a preview of his planned WordCamp talk)


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