September 2015 Notes

Upcoming Events

  • GiveCamp, October 2-4 – Nonprofit tech hackathon
  • InfoCamp, October 17 – Unconference about information architecture, UX, content strategy, etc.
  • WordCamp, October 24-25 – You know.

Resources / Sites That Came Up

Website priority venn diagram

Accessibility Presentation & Resources

Other Resources

  • Find the errors on my bad accessibility test page!
  • – New newsletter about accessibility from an Automattician. Could be a good way to help you keep thinking about accessibility!
  • Alt Text Decision Tree:


Testing Tools

Future Topics

Suggestion to discuss pricing when you’re coordinating other designers and developers.

We forgot our accountability check-in! Good news though: I moved my site before last month’s meeting we didn’t even have! I just so happened to move to Siteground too, so I’m happy to talk about it. They support wp-cli which I’ve had fun playing with.


3 thoughts on “September 2015 Notes

  1. Thank you so much for posting the notes and your presentation, Mark!

    You mentioned Boomerang for Gmail – I want to throw out a similar tool that I discovered recently, called Streak. I’m not using it to its full potential (it turns Gmail into a full CRM and you can share your inbox with others and more) but it does the scheduling piece and open tracking and other email “power tools.” It has a hefty free plan if you want to try it out before committing. The open tracking piece feels less creepy than Sidekick – that felt really stalker-like. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Mark! Loved your presentation today as well.

    Just so it’s officially attached to the notes: I have a friend who is interested in possibly joining our group – her name is Nityia Przewlocki and she’s been doing both web design and portrait photography since 2007. She’s VERY interested in what our group has to offer.

    Here are her two business sites:

    I will be out of town Oct 27, so I’ll plan on bringing her as a guest on November 24. Actually, this is the day before Thanksgiving – so I hope we are still meeting? Thanks everyone!

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