HTML to WordPress

Color me skeptical, but I couldn’t not share this after our discussion last month:


3 thoughts on “HTML to WordPress

  1. Wow! I thought this was literally a joke. They’re serious…and CHEAP! I have a couple of old HTML sites I might try it just for kicks and report back. No fee unless you download it.

  2. I have two very old HTML sites. I zipped one up and it failed. They will do it for you but since this was only an experiment I didn’t bother asking. The site did convert. It was pretty amazing actually. The front end looks pretty close to the original. But the images didn’t come over and after I uploaded them they didn’t automatically match up so they’d need to be done manually. Not a big deal on a small site. BUT there are so many empty text boxes, a client would never know where to go to edit the main content. And it doesn’t appear we’d ever be able to take what’s here as a starting point and then convert to our own theme later. On this test, one page is in there 3 times and there are 15 empty text fields before there’s any content. Then the sidebar content takes up 3 more before field 19 has the main content for the page, then another couple of empty fields. The chat guy (he’s in Finland) said if I bought they’d fix it all. But of course my clients are not interested in buying anything. He also said he thought the multiple text boxes were fixed. It’s good to know it’s out there. Definitely not perfect but interesting. You get 30 minutes after the conversion to work with it before you have to buy or lose it.

    • Thanks for trying this out. I don’t understand how they get your content into WordPress, but maybe I need to try it out. Their 30 minute demo thing sounds like a pretty good way to trial the product.

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