Domain Name – SEO question

Starting with a new client and they’re choosing a domain name. They’re deciding between MetroAGStrategies and MetroAGSeattle. They’re set on the MetroAG part. I told them my non-professional opinion was that the word “strategies” doesn’t really convey a lot and that Seattle would be better for SEO. Would you agree or disagree and why?

NOW…they are talking about registering both and using Strategies on their print materials but have Seattle be the active domain and the other just point to it. I told them I wasn’t sure it was worth doing and I’d ask around. Any opinions on this one way or the other? Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Domain Name – SEO question

  1. If they really plan to be a local company, then I think the domain is smart for memorability, local SEO, and branding. I also think “seattle” is a little easier to pick out when viewed all lower case which will happen:



    However, if they end up expanding, it can actually be a liability. If they’re big dreamers, it might be worth avoiding (or going with “NW” or something (though that isn’t great in all lower either).

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