New site: NonprofitWP!

NonprofitWP  WordPress Guide for Nonprofits.png

I quietly launched that site I’ve been talking about earlier this week and thought I’d share it with the group now. I’m not publicly promoting it yet, but will start doing so soon, so feel free to pass it on if you feel it would be helpful to someone you’re working with.

I’ve gotten some really good feedback so far and will take any reactions you have (comments, email, whatever).

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “New site: NonprofitWP!

  1. Hi Mark,

    You’ve been busy! My first reaction after a VERY brief click through was the page Enter Your Content makes it seem too easy. People think it’s easy and it isn’t—they don’t need more reinforcement that it’s easy. The advice on writing for the web is good, but offer some data about “lack of relevant, well-written content is the number #1 reason websites do not go live when expected.” or some such warning that resets their thinking to reality. The heading 2 and 3 reference may be over their head, even though I understand what you’ve intended.


    • Barb, thanks so much for the feedback. I think you’re totally right, and that’s maybe the page I struggled with most. I will definitely return to it with an eye for what you’re suggesting. Thanks!

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