March Lean Coffee

Lots of resources from this meeting!

Latest security handling, client passwords

Design trends

  • scroll events
  • scroll is the new click
  • more app-like features in web design
  • visual storytelling
  • serif fonts in body copy
  • hamburger (mobile) menu on desktop
  • drop-down, tertiary menus – how to handle on mobile
  • design for one eyeball
  • transitions, animations, hover effects
  • sticky headers
  • video
  • New York Times – whatever they are doing, that’s the trend

Recent plugin discoveries

Project Management Tools/Methods

How to respond when someone asks “what makes you an expert?”

  • It sounds like there is a question about my experience. What specifically do you have questions about?
  • Call them on it in a good way. “Why would you say that?” (in a nice way) Address their pre-conceived notions.
  • “That’s a surprising comment. What makes you ask that?” Diffuse. Cut to heart of what it is. Know the personalities you’re working with.
  • “Here are some things that happen when you do/don’t do this” – doesn’t dismiss them and still proves you are right.
  • Use a persona. Will this user understand this?
  • What information will help us decide?

Better networking (Where?)

Making time to write

  • capture ideas
  • Workflowy list for ideas
  • WP apps on phone, tablet
  • draft posts
  • write crap on purpose
  • put it on the calendar
  • go to a coffee shop and out of your environment
  • get an accountability partner
  • We are our own worst clients!
  • allow yourself to write about what you are interested in
  • like choosing how to stay fit
  • personal take on stories, audience doesn’t read what you read
  • useful but doesn’t get clients
  • Do it for yourself. If people like it, great!

Next meeting is April 26th. Location TBD, but somewhere on Capitol Hill. We’ll be doing Lean Coffee again to come up with ideas for future in-depth topics.