May Meeting Notes

After being sorta-kinda off last month, we did another round of Lean Coffee and bade farewell to the Braeburn. It served us well.

Mark mentioned for blocking analytics referral spam. It still requires some setup and maintenance but seems to be the best solution for this bedeviling problem.

Lean Coffee


Teri asked what other people are doing for staging:

  • Some hosts offer it, but usually only for more expensive plans. People like Flywheel, SiteGround, and WP Engine for that.
  • Some plugins like WP Migrate DB PRO, BackupBuddy, Infinite WordPress, Updraft, etc. are good for moving sites but the workflow and ease varies.
  • People use subdomains, local servers, and WP Stagecoach to host their staging sites.

How long do your sites last?

  • Answers varied between 2-5 years.
  • Expectations will vary by client. Reasonable expectations will vary by industry and site too.
  • Rise of responsive made some sites outdated pretty quickly. When will that happen again?
  • We can at least try to build so that redoing the site next time will be easier!
  • Staff turnover can speed up client desire to redo sites.
  • Most of these issues aren’t really on us (without getting paid!)

Privacy Policies

  • Some people have them. Some don’t.
  • Technically required for Google Analytics. Doubly so if you use the demographics reports.
    • Maybe link to the opt-out browser plugin?
  • Even if you just have a webform, it’s nice to tell people what you do with the data.
  • Once you write one, you have to stick with it. (Hence clauses about changing it at any time for any reason.)
    • One person’s privacy lawyer client explicitly doesn’t have one for this reason.
  • Details will vary by state and country.
  • Automattic open-sourced theirs:

Image Hosting

  • Photon by Jetpack is easiest but buggy.
  • CDN’s like Cloudflare work.
  • Photography sites have special needs (trying to protect full res)
  • Plugin to move media library to AWS:
  • One person really likes VideoPress for videos

Common Server Problems

  • Check permissions
  • Servers that make it hard to update are asking for trouble
  • If using IIS servers, don’t use IIS servers


  • Some still using Bulletproof Security or Login Security Solution
  • BruteProtect in Jetpack is pretty good. (No settings)

Next Time: Homework!

We’re all going to read (or reread) two articles and then talk about content strategy and content development (and annoying clients that do neither!)

To read: