August Meeting Notes

Wow, I can’t believe the last posted notes are from May. We skipped a month and met for the first time at my new home too. Today’s gathering was an extended check-in with no announced topic. We discussed some client challenges, answered questions about various tools and bemoaned the trend to “headless” WP (something to do with JavaScript)!

Here are a few links to resources mentioned:

  • I’m learning about a content tool called Scoop-It for my new client. I will have more info next time.
  • Teri talked about MailGun, an email checker that she raves about.
  • I mentioned an email tester that’s free and tells you if your emails will be blocked as spam and why.
  • Barb’s Air BnB guest from France designed the font named Bely.
  • We also talked about topics for WordCamp and encouraged everyone to submit to speak.

DesigningTogether.CoverBarb also talked about a book Designing Together by Dan Brown. We agreed to all look into reading it and Barb will lead us in a discuss for our November meeting. We figured in September we’d have another extended check-in for all those who’ve been gone over the summer and in October anyone who wants to practice their WordCamp talk can do so. Please chime in if I forgot to mention anything.



Dan Brown has a podcast:

And speaker deck from UX conference:

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