March Lean Coffee

Lots of resources from this meeting!

Latest security handling, client passwords

Design trends

  • scroll events
  • scroll is the new click
  • more app-like features in web design
  • visual storytelling
  • serif fonts in body copy
  • hamburger (mobile) menu on desktop
  • drop-down, tertiary menus – how to handle on mobile
  • design for one eyeball
  • transitions, animations, hover effects
  • sticky headers
  • video
  • New York Times – whatever they are doing, that’s the trend

Recent plugin discoveries

Project Management Tools/Methods

How to respond when someone asks “what makes you an expert?”

  • It sounds like there is a question about my experience. What specifically do you have questions about?
  • Call them on it in a good way. “Why would you say that?” (in a nice way) Address their pre-conceived notions.
  • “That’s a surprising comment. What makes you ask that?” Diffuse. Cut to heart of what it is. Know the personalities you’re working with.
  • “Here are some things that happen when you do/don’t do this” – doesn’t dismiss them and still proves you are right.
  • Use a persona. Will this user understand this?
  • What information will help us decide?

Better networking (Where?)

Making time to write

  • capture ideas
  • Workflowy list for ideas
  • WP apps on phone, tablet
  • draft posts
  • write crap on purpose
  • put it on the calendar
  • go to a coffee shop and out of your environment
  • get an accountability partner
  • We are our own worst clients!
  • allow yourself to write about what you are interested in
  • like choosing how to stay fit
  • personal take on stories, audience doesn’t read what you read
  • useful but doesn’t get clients
  • Do it for yourself. If people like it, great!

Next meeting is April 26th. Location TBD, but somewhere on Capitol Hill. We’ll be doing Lean Coffee again to come up with ideas for future in-depth topics.


June 2015 Meeting Notes

Not really a lot of notes from this meeting. We all talked about what is working well in our businesses and 1 or 2 challenges we are facing.

Social media referral:
Sara LeHoullier, Busybee Consulting

Also, totally unrelated to WordPress: Being Mortal (Frontline documentary, book)

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 28, and we will talk about the next round of topics so bring your ideas and we will also look at our idea list.

Mar 2015 Meeting Minutes

“New” MailChimp plugin: Easy MailChimp Forms – allows you to create forms for multiple lists and has Dashboard widget showing your recent subscribe/unsubscribe/campaign activity.

Blind Five Year Old

Twitter analytics Chrome extension – link?

Please help me fill in the rest! 🙂

New Freelancers Union Discounts (includes services mentioned during meetings: 17 Hats, Freshbooks, and more!)

Next meeting: Barb is going to lead us in a discussion about design trends.

Feb 2015 Meeting Minutes

Topic: Inbound marketing/Lead generation

In-bound marketing graphic organizer

Some questions to ask (ourselves or our clients)

  • Why did you go into this business?
    What are your goals?
    What is your product/service/thing?
    Who is your ideal client?
    What do they feel when they buy/get/use your thing?

Don’t forget the power of in-person networking too!

Giving is the new selling.

Whatever you do to attract your audience (blog posts etc.), do it consistently.

Automating marketing tasks

Types of “Lead Magnets”

  • Checklists
  • White Paper
  • Worksheet
  • Guide
  • Download (icon set, template)

Migrating Images

This was for a Blogger site so it may or may not work for other migrations. I used as an intermediary. As long as you have the site public (so the images can be grabbed), you can install and run the plugin called Cache Images by Matt Mullenweg.  Run the option for Scan (including linked).  It will grab all of the images from and move over, attaching to the appropriate posts.

Links for Migrating Typepad to WordPress – including images:

Links of possible interest

Next month

Jeanie will lead discussion about content marketing

Jan 2015 Meeting Notes – $3.99 1099s. Auto filed with IRS and sent via email to recipient. They save your info for the next year to make repeats even easier.

Jakob Nielsen (usability expert)

The Core Model from A List Apart

Biznik is shut down. Visit for their story.

Slack mentioned. Chat tool. WordPress just switched to it for all open-source-project-related chats.

501 Commons “Talks Tech” Presentation: February 19: “How to Pick a WordPress Plugin / WordPress Work & Support Lab.” Tell your nonprofit clients!

Notes from the NuSchool Pricing class:

Making money isn’t something we should suffer for.

There is no standard rate in this business. Do not copy rates. Set what is appropriate for you and your business.

Don’t charge less money because you’re afraid to set high expectations.

You are not a commodity. Not all designers (or devs) do the same work.

If your client can’t pay your rate you shouldn’t be working with them. There will always be more clients.

Please share when you are attending an upcoming conference or event that may be of interest to the group.

We have updated our future topic list. (Barb may want to check that I got all of the Design notes from Hugh Dubberly right.)

Upcoming topics:

Feb: Lead Generation/Inbound Marketing (Amy)

Mar: Content Marketing (Jeanie)

Apr: Design Trends (Barb)

May: Accessibility (Mark) – please note this meeting is the third Tuesday, May 19th!

Jun: Usability (Sara)

(Please add anything I may have missed!)

There’s a new business resources page. Add links please!

A couple resources

I just came across a couple things that I think would be of interest to folks:

Just Tell Julie (overdue payment collection)

The Creative Class (from Paul Jarvis, if you are familiar with him) – AppSumo has this class for $99 right now. Normally $300.

Stagefright Cure Marti MacEwan holds classes at Dusty Strings in Fremont. Very reasonable and a game-changer. Barb added 4/28/15