August Meeting Notes

Wow, I can’t believe the last posted notes are from May. We skipped a month and met for the first time at my new home too. Today’s gathering was an extended check-in with no announced topic. We discussed some client challenges, answered questions about various tools and bemoaned the trend to “headless” WP (something to do with JavaScript)!

Here are a few links to resources mentioned:

  • I’m learning about a content tool called Scoop-It for my new client. I will have more info next time.
  • Teri talked about MailGun, an email checker that she raves about.
  • I mentioned an email tester that’s free and tells you if your emails will be blocked as spam and why.
  • Barb’s Air BnB guest from France designed the font named Bely.
  • We also talked about topics for WordCamp and encouraged everyone to submit to speak.

DesigningTogether.CoverBarb also talked about a book Designing Together by Dan Brown. We agreed to all look into reading it and Barb will lead us in a discuss for our November meeting. We figured in September we’d have another extended check-in for all those who’ve been gone over the summer and in October anyone who wants to practice their WordCamp talk can do so. Please chime in if I forgot to mention anything.



Dan Brown has a podcast:

And speaker deck from UX conference:

Domain Name – SEO question

Starting with a new client and they’re choosing a domain name. They’re deciding between MetroAGStrategies and MetroAGSeattle. They’re set on the MetroAG part. I told them my non-professional opinion was that the word “strategies” doesn’t really convey a lot and that Seattle would be better for SEO. Would you agree or disagree and why?

NOW…they are talking about registering both and using Strategies on their print materials but have Seattle be the active domain and the other just point to it. I told them I wasn’t sure it was worth doing and I’d ask around. Any opinions on this one way or the other? Thanks!

Business Development Resources

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Meetups & other networking events




Good Reading

Online training

December 2014

It was great to see everyone. I didn’t take any notes (as usual) but I came home to this timely blog post at Elegant Themes about goal setting. I don’t use Elegant Themes but I’ve found their blog to often offer useful topics.

There was mention of a security vulnerability with Revolution Slider and some discussion about how it’s bundled with themes and may not be updated. I checked with Pagelines and their answer includes a link to more info on this issue:

The vulnerability has no association to our RevSlider section, it is only related to the plugin itself. As far as I am aware the issue was that the image uploader in the plugin allowed hackers to view your wp-config.php file. You can find more information about this here – http://blog.sucuri.n…-exploited.html For peace of mind, we do not use that code in the RevSlider plugin and therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Someone asked about scheduling plug-ins. I have a client who uses Schedulicity which is not a plug-in but easy to use.

The book Letting Go of the Words came up as a good resource for writing for the web.

Reference to the 5 Jetpack Best Practices post came up. One practice is to have site owners authenticate their own sites. HOWEVER, if you want to use the Jetpack 3.3 plugin updater, you would have to authenticate the sites with [at least] your own account.

Please add your resources to this post directly or in the comments below.

Happy Holidays.

November 2014

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hesitate to call these “minutes” as I barely wrote down any notes. But I will post what I have and again hope others will expand on what we discussed.

Since the topic was blogs we talked some about headlines and about discussions/comment. One note I made was to stay away from the Disqus plug-in. Mark said he just uses JetPack. Someone mentioned Copy Blogger. I didn’t remember what it was but from following the link it appears to offer “WordPress Hosting plus Content Marketing and SEO Tools”.

Teri suggested a site about pricing called the Nu School. They have a pricing calculator that is pretty interesting. I subscribed to their enews and have been poking around. Not only is the content interesting but I’m finding their model for enews in relation to blog useful as well. Their enews includes  highlights of a blog post. So then if it’s of interest you click to visit their blog. Also the enews includes a link to other topics of interest so you can go to their archives. I’ve been learning a LOT about pricing and contracts, etc. Thanks Teri!

OK…what else????

Don’t forget we’re meeting early in December, on the 16th. Hope to see you here then.


October 2014

Here are a few brief notes from today. I hope others will fill in the gaps.

  • Heat map logging:
  • Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling by Michael Port
  • Make sure your contact info (address, phone, etc) are consistent everywhere they appear. And using dots in phone numbers is not clickable.
  • Quotable comments:
    • Saying NO is actually putting money in bank
    • Giving is the new selling
    • SEO is passé… now it’s all about content marketing
    • We are all “lifestyle” businesses
    • Building a site (particularly an e-commerce site) is NOT like “Field of Dreams”  – If you build it they will come.

To meet this summer or not

Many of you didn’t make it to this week’s meeting. That might be because it was the day after a 3-day weekend. Or it might be because we didn’t have a specific topic planned. Or possibly just circumstances. Those of us who were in attendance enjoyed a free ranging discussion. One thing we talked about was the possibility of taking off the summer months. To that end I’ve made a quick one-question poll. Please take a moment to complete it. And anyone who can add notes from the meeting, please do. Thanks.