New site: NonprofitWP!

NonprofitWP  WordPress Guide for Nonprofits.png

I quietly launched that site I’ve been talking about earlier this week and thought I’d share it with the group now. I’m not publicly promoting it yet, but will start doing so soon, so feel free to pass it on if you feel it would be helpful to someone you’re working with.

I’ve gotten some really good feedback so far and will take any reactions you have (comments, email, whatever).

Have a great weekend!


Domain Name – SEO question

Starting with a new client and they’re choosing a domain name. They’re deciding between MetroAGStrategies and MetroAGSeattle. They’re set on the MetroAG part. I told them my non-professional opinion was that the word “strategies” doesn’t really convey a lot and that Seattle would be better for SEO. Would you agree or disagree and why?

NOW…they are talking about registering both and using Strategies on their print materials but have Seattle be the active domain and the other just point to it. I told them I wasn’t sure it was worth doing and I’d ask around. Any opinions on this one way or the other? Thanks!

Tax Prep / Accountant Recommendation

If anyone has a tax preparer / accountant who they recommend, I could really use a referral, as my previous person has stopped her business.

I’m looking for someone who can complete my taxes come March/April and advise me on small questions throughout the year (mostly self-employed retirement account issues). So someone who knows freelancers/sole props would be ideal, though I’m open to anyone who you like. Leave names in the comments, I suppose so everyone can see them.


Pre-/Post-Processor Meetup Poll (please take!)

Please note that because these are polls, you have to individually submit each answer. The advantage is that it’s easy to see the results!

Happy Friday!

Before it skips my mind, I wanted to check on interest for a meetup in the next couple months to talk pre- and post-processors. That means LESS, SASS, Autoprefixer, Grunt, Gulp, etc. Of course anyone is welcome, but this is likely to get fairly technical so be forewarned!

I put together three quick poll questions to get a sense of interest and meetup preferences.

Favorite CSS/Design Gallery Sites

I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations for gallery sites that showcase current good web site designs. If you have some favorites, please leave them in the comments!

I’ve stopped following all the ones I used to as they either posted too frequently or felt a little too “flavor of the month-y.”