Future Topics

A running list of potential future topics. Some are short. Some are long. Add any you wish.

  • Working as a developer-designer team. (Discussed previously. Will surely arise again.)
  • Everyone’s current projects.
  • Content Management Strategies
  • “Business assistance” in addition to website (SEO, social, marketing, content , etc.)
  • Health insurance
  • Post-launch training
  • Follow-up with clients after proposals
  • Follow-up with clients after launch
  • Email newsletter vs. blog subscription
  • Efficiency tools/software (e.g. hot keys)
  • Accessibility
  • Project, task management (tools & mental)
  • Ecommerce, affiliate marketing
  • Offering an online class or webinar
  • Video
  • Usability, fad vs function
  • Design, Design Trends (patterns, making connections, understanding relationships, systems theory, process management, social science, modeling/mapping/visioning, communications theory (reference: Dubberly Design)
  • Lead generation or Inbound marketing
  • Mastermind (peer advisory/feedback)
  • Freelance exit strategy
  • The Core Model
  • Community Building
  • Product/Service launch lessons learned/case study
  • Brand identity relaunch lessons learned/case study
  • Client project case studies
  • What’s new/upcoming in design/dev – or what is new to you
  • Class/continuing education/conference reviews

One thought on “Future Topics

  1. Whenever we talk about a new topic as a group, it might be useful to ask these questions:
    Is what we’ve learned relevant to our business? How?
    Have we learned something we can share with our clients, or add value to the services we offer?
    How can we implement this new learning into our business? Any experience to share? Successes? Roadblocks?

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